We are old soul rebel



One of "11 best new bands" - CBC Radio Canada, 2016

"Amazing new local band. Will make you think of Alabama Shakes in the best way possible." - Andrea Warner, CBC Radio

"Chelsea Johnson is truly one of the most talented singers Vancouver has ever been blessed with" - vanmusic.ca


Bold. Upbeat. Immense and Soulful is the cutting edge sound which is Old Soul Rebel. A powerhouse duo, coloured by brass and driven by drums, puts a brand new shine on soul and rock n roll.
Formed in Vancouver BC in late 2015 by a like minded need to sing stories of their past, core members, Chelsea D.E. Johnson and Lola Whyte started to swap songs. 
A repertoire inspired by their Native and African American upbringings,
Old Soul Rebel vividly recites the honest experiences of human life. 
With only a 7 song demo under their belts, OSR has managed to grace many stages and festivals across Canada and through out BC. They have been interviewed and aired over radio waves as well as featured on various television segments.






Vocals,  Electric Guitar / Chelsea D.E. Johnson

Vocals, Electric Banjo / Lola Whyte

Drums / Michael Wilford

Horns / Ashton Sweet, Jen Davidson